I’m a weird eccentric woman fish.

Lori Glenn is a collector – a designer – a thrifter. She has a Witco. She has tikis. She has black velvets. She has vintage Hawaiian photos of her Grandma kissing Don Ho. She is also a good friend and a fellow member of the Fraternal Order of Moai here in Durham.

Yesterday Lori – also known as ZsaZsaRumWhore – invited me to sit down and enjoy a honeysuckle daiquiri as we discussed her passion for creating a tropical escape in her knotty pine lounge. It was my first official visit for Tiki Tom-Tom’s Polynesian Pop Expedition.

Lori’s advice? Keep collecting. Find the odd things that connect to your life. Should you worry if it’s everyone’s taste? No. Should you worry if it’s tiki? No. Does it work? Yes. Take a look at Lori’s oasis and see for yourself.

“I have a black velvet of Old Gregg. Is it tiki? No. It’s not at all. It’s The Mighty Boosh. I love it because it’s eccentric and weird. I’m just like that. That’s me – I’m a weird eccentric woman fish.”

Mahalo, ZsaZsa.

#tikitomtomppe2021 #tikitomtom #tikihomebars

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