It might cost you an arm and a leg.

Sometimes it takes a murder to open a home tiki bar.

Well, a murder mystery night, at least. Josh and Ryan were making progress on the Cannibal Cove, their home tiki bar in Salt Lake City when a friend announced to them that they would be having a tiki-themed murder mystery party in a few weeks – at the Cannibal Cove. This was all they needed to shift into high gear and create an amazing cannibal hideout.

Cannibal Cove is shrouded in a mystery. Otto Von Hummer, the bar’s founding father, is apparently missing, lost in a jungle, and no one has yet to find him. The Hummer party searched for “a whole two hours” but got enchanted by tropical drinks and gave up. Otto wasn’t the only causality. Misty Marples, his benefactor, mysteriously fell overboard on the voyage back. Seems like someone in the expedition might have some cannibalistic tendencies and might be hiding the bones in the back yard. There was even a newpaper article casually left behind that chronicled the entire affair.

Ryan invited me to take a stab at solving the murders, so I began to investigate the scene of the crimes. It was a dangerous mission, albeit. When I got too close to the volanco, it erupted, hurtling me back towards the cannibal skulls. When I tried to tune into the radio frequencies to call for help, I was met with mysterious pre-war era songs and garbled distant voices. When I called out to the ship in the horizon, it blew off course in a lighting storm. All this, and no answers. I was left alone again in the jungle. My only companion was a parrot that seemed to enjoy mimicking my cries for help.

The murder mystery night was a success, and so is the Cannibal Cove. If you get a chance to visit, Josh and Ryan will warn you: the drinks at their bar might literally cost you and arm and a leg.

I thought it was totally worth the price.

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