You need a time out.

Family life with two young boys, age 5 and 3, can at times be chaotic. When it gets a little overwhelming, David steps into the Jurupa Hideaway for 30 seconds for a time out. David takes a look at his mugs, takes a deep breath, and steps back into reality. At other times, it’s a cool place that he and Nikki can take a break from all media, talk, and enjoy a drink together.

Jurupa Hideaway is David’s tiki lounge in Jurupa Valley, California. When David visited Trader Sams a few years back, he wanted to create a similar space at home. So, he asked Nikki if he could turn a spare bedroom into a tiki room, and the Jurupa Hideaway was established. Nikki did the painting, and David organized his collection of art and mugs into the space.

Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson was a big influence on David as a kid. What’s more cool than a family treehouse complete with running water, elephants, snakes, and tigers? Later on, he visited Hawaii as a teenager, and fell in love with tiki as an artform. He and Nikki also honeymooned in Hawaii, and the picture of them together is an anchor to the hideaway.

David is a collector of tiki mugs. It started with garage sales and five dollar mugs. But when he started to splurge and collect hand-made mugs, as soon as he held it, it felt like it had a soul to it. For David, there’s just something about a handmade mug. He developed an appreciation for ceramics and pottery in high school (he took pottery all four years of high school), so he knows how much work goes into each creation. He describes his collection as little pieces of art.

David’s favorite drink? Beer. The bonus? It doesn’t require a tiki mug.

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