The princess has a hollow leg.

When Caroline travels to Chicago, she arrives early at Three Dots, orders her first drink, has a PuPu platter dinner, keeps the tiki cocktails coming until the crowd and music gets clubby, and walks out in a straight line.

The Three Dots and a Dash bartender took notice once, and told Caroline – you must have a hollow leg.

Caroline has a long history with tiki. She kidnapped her sorority sisters at the Kahiki when she was in college. Her graduation party was at the Kahiki. Sadly, the Kahiki (a grand tiki supper club located in Columbus, Ohio) would be demolished by the time she returned.

Friends told me that the Moai Icehouse – Caroline’s home bar – would be the palace of home tiki bars, and they were not exaggerating. Unlike most home bars built in rooms in an existing house, the Icehouse is a separate building with 23 foot ceilings designed from the ground up with the artistic expertise of Bamboo Ben, a longtime tiki acquaintance. It houses an amazing collection. Caroline has original shell and seahorse lamps from the Kahiki. She has enormous tikis and original furniture from the Chicago and Berlin Trader Vic’s procured from auctions. She has Fraternal Order of Moai memorabilia from 13 years of being a Moai. Simply put, the Moai Icehouse is a tikiphile’s dream bar.

Princess Pupule is now one of the backbones to the Fraternal of Moai (FOM). For several years, Caroline has gone above and beyond to help organize Ohana, FOM’s annual tikicon event at Lake George, NY as well as work to sustain FOM’s Foundation, which sponsors scholarships to young people from Rapa Nui to attend college. She defines how to have fun with a purpose.

And for my fellow Moai, I can assure you that Princess Pupule’s ad-visor reputation is quite intact. As I scanned the vast collection of amazing tikis, there was no Ohana sunvisor to be found. You might find many a tiny hand in an inappropriate place, though.

Need a break from the Texas heat?

Princess Pupule has plenty papayas
She loves to give them away
And all of the neighbors they say … you’ve gotta try-ya the Icehouse ok!

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