My daughter hides drawings of zombies.

Mick had seven perfectly crafted cocktails ready for our visit. He’s clearly a master of mixology. Everything I sampled was amazing with perfect proportions, expertly crafted ice unique to each drink vessel, and beautifully crafted garnishes. Mick approaches crafting a cocktail like an engineer. He’s even researched and perfected his own home recipe for a grog mix based upon visits and talks with the bartenders at Trader Vic’s.

While I sipped on my tiki drink, I looked out a porthole to an enchanted island. I survived a rainstorm, a volcano eruption, and a frosty paned winter scene all in less than an hour. Mick programmed all of this. Mick’s day job is video gaming, and he’s put his talents to great use in The Monkey Room. Like his approach to cocktails, Mick also researched algorithms to create the sensation of floating. Any modern day sailor might develop sea legs by staring out Mick’s porthole while sipping on a grog.

Mick’s advice for those who want to build a tiki bar?

Whatever it is that makes you want to build it, go deep into that. Whether it’s the cocktail, whether it’s the social aspect. Stay true to that. Build whatever you’re into. Use Sven’s chart to figure out the various aspects. Don’t try to emulate someone else’s bar. That can be a trap. It’s deeply personal. Keep going deep. Everything in here has a story. Everything has a connection. Every single thing in The Monkey Room means something to me.

My daughter hides drawings of zombies for me in the The Monkey Room. It’s a reminder that The Monkey Room is about family. It’s about my kids. It’s not about getting drunk on rum. The bar is about Ohana.

A few minutes later, Mick confided that the rum does also help.

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